Six Steps to SOLD!

STEP 1: Your FREE Strategy meeting

The initial strategy meeting can be arranged in person, by phone or even via facetime – we’re happy to respond to what is most convenient for you. 


The purpose of this initial meeting is to:

  • Discover how you can use our services to help find the right property

  • Discuss your needs, wants, finances and costs

  • Organise your finance needs

  • Establish the best strategy for you

  • Determine the next steps


STEP 2: Preparing your buyer’s brief

After our initial meeting, we’ll all have a clear understanding of your ideal outcome, and how we can help you achieve it. 


Once you have agreed to engage Building Wealth and paid the starting deposit, together we’ll complete a ‘buyer’s brief’ – a detailed list of your property needs and wants, that will help us identify the type of property you are looking for and its important characteristics.


STEP 3: The Building Wealth investigation begins

Our team will go through all properties within your search criteria, looking not only at listed properties, but also properties that are not on the public market. 


We take into account the location, local amenity and physical characteristics of each property. 


For investors, specific attention is given to capital growth potential, rental returns and possible tax benefits. 


We’ll not only shortlist properties within the identified area, but also provide a detailed market analysis including:

  • Amenities in the area

  • Median house price

  • How long the average home is on the market

  • Buyer demographics; average age, income etc.

  • Rental returns

  • Capital growth

  • Development overlays

  • Flood reports 

  • Bushfire zones and much more.


Building Wealth will physically inspect all suitable properties and the surrounding areas. As we do this, we will determine the appeal of the property, evaluating whether it’s right for you as the home occupier, or as an investor, keeping in mind its rental potential. We will weigh up both the positives and potential issues that each property presents.


STEP 4: Join us on inspection

Once all inspections are complete, Building Wealth will supply you with a shortlist of potential properties. 


We will discuss the pros and cons of all properties with you and encourage you to inspect all the short-listed properties with us. If this is not possible (usually for interstate or overseas buyers) then Building Wealth can take you on a virtual tour and provide photographs of the property and surrounding area. 


STEP 5: Securing ‘the one’

So, you’ve found the right property for you. Now it’s our job to help you secure it for the right price. 


Whether the property is publicly listed, not actually listed, or to be sold at auction, we will negotiate to obtain the best price and terms for you. We’re confident that you’ll save significantly when you engage us to negotiate on your behalf. 


Our extensive experience in the market, and the comprehensive research provided, will give you confidence that you’re not paying too much – and our success fee is small compared to the savings that you’ll achieve on the purchase price. 


Building Wealth will set you up with a team of experts, including legal and finance specialists, who will guide you through the entire buying process. You’ll be provided with a pre-contract report that will assist you in your due diligence prior to entering the purchase contract, to ensure that you understand exactly what you’re buying. We’ll even organise the building and pest inspections for you.  


The success fee is payable to Building Wealth when the contract becomes unconditional.



When the contract has been signed, the buying process is just beginning!  


Building Wealth will guide you through the process until settlement. In conjunction with your conveyancer and your financier, we will ensure that the terms in the contract are satisfied. This will often include:

  • Finance approval

  • Building and pest inspections

  • Body corporate and other conveyancing searches


By obtaining a full building and pest inspection, if defects are revealed, we can help advise you on how to proceed.  This may include having building works performed, re-negotiating the purchase price, or even withdrawing from the contract if necessary.  


One of the Building Wealth team will attend the pre-settlement inspection with you, or on your behalf, to confirm everything is on track for settlement plus answer any final questions prior to the settlement of your new property.