As part of our Building Wealth Bundle, we’ll conduct a full market search based on your needs; whether it’s location, price, capital growth, capital yield, or other must-have characteristics. The prerequisites you put forth are important factors that help our team to understand your needs and explore the market accordingly. 


Building Wealth will guide you through the process until settlement. In conjunction with your conveyancer and financier, we will ensure that the terms in the contract are satisfied. This will often include:

  • Finance approval

  • Building and pest inspections

  • Body corporate and other conveyancing searches

Once we’ve conducted a thorough search, we’ll provide you with a complete analysis to help you better understand the market, and we’ll create a shortlist of properties that are best suited to your needs. 

Based on your property preferences, we’ll organise private inspections for you, or we can inspect the shortlisted properties and surrounding area on your behalf, as well as provide a virtual walk-through if required. 

Once you have chosen your new property, we will utilise our expert negotiation skills to get you the most favourable terms and price, plus organise a pre-purchase property report and, if necessary, a building and pest inspection. 

Market Analysis and Acquisition

This service is perfect if you’ve already chosen the area you want to purchase in, and you’d like assistance with a market analysis and the acquisition of your chosen home.

After we’ve grasped a solid understanding of your needs, we’ll find suitable properties within your selected corridor – including those that are either not officially on the market or not yet advertised – and create a shortlist of properties for you. 

Based on your property preferences, we’ll organise private inspections for you or we can inspect the property and surrounding area on your behalf and provide you with a virtual tour if required. 

Once the Building Wealth team has helped you find your ideal property, our negotiation expertise will ensure you receive your home at the right price and with favourable terms, as well as organise a pre-purchase property report. If a building or pest inspection is called for, we can organise that on your behalf.

Acquisition Only

If you’ve already found the perfect property and would like some assistance negotiating the sale or bidding at auction, this is the service for you.

We’ll happily take the stress out of your home-buying experience by negotiating the sale or bidding on your behalf at auction, all while ensuring you’re not spending any more than necessary.

Whether the property is publicly listed, not listed or to be sold at auction, we’ll negotiate in order to obtain the best price and terms for you. We’re confident that you’ll save significantly when you engage us to negotiate on your behalf.